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Tiling, Tile Location
Tile Repair
High Pressure Cleaning
Terrace Building
Terrace Maintenance

Farm Service
Install Waterlines
Septic Systems
Leachfield Systems
Septic Tank Pumping
Sewer Cleaning
Livestock Waterers
Well Pump
Pressure Tanks

Dump Truck Service

Rock Hauling
Concrete Hauling
Dirt Hauling
7 Ton & 22 Ton Trucks

Dozer, Excavator
& Backhoe Service

Site Work
Site Cleaning
Demolition Work
Basement Excavation
Ditch Cleaning

Tire Service

Tire Repair

Our experienced personnel and quality equipment combine to make
Schoon Construction, Inc. the right choice for your next project!
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Our Mission Statement

“The mission of Schoon Construction, Inc. is to focus on quality and integrity in providing construction services for general excavation and the utilities industry. At Schoon Construction, Inc. we provide customer satisfaction by maintaining high standards of professionalism and demonstrating the use of new technology.”


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Schoon Construction Home Page